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Trenkwalder & Partner


In more than 40 years of activity, many experiences have been gained and exciting projects realized together with our customers. Each project is unique and holds a special value for us. Below are some of our projects.

Facade - Renovation

Project: Mader GmbH

Location: Sterzing

Work: Renovation of the facade of Trespa panels

Material: TRESPA


Photo: Peter Trenkwalder
Photo: Peter Trenkwalder

Hotel Sonklarhof - Ridnauntal

Project: Hotel Sonklarhof

Location: Ridnaun

Work: Roofing the roof

Material: PREFA Aluminum Oxydrot


Photos: Peter Trenkwalder

Tribulaun Hütte - New dining room

Project: New dining room

Location: Pflerschtal at 2.500m

Project time: Oktober 2016 - Juni 2017

Planner: Architect Adriano Zanella

Material: Wood 

Photos: Peter Trenkwalder

Living with a Bee roof

Roof: Extensively green roof- Sealed with SUCOFLEX

Location: Community Ratschings- South Tyrol

Completion: Summer 2016

The basic idea: Create living space on the roof

Living with a wooden roof

Roof: Metal roof as substructure, roofing with larch wood

Location: Sterzing

Architect: D'Alberto Renato

Facade in yellow

Roof: Flat roof PVC SUCOFLEX extensively landscaped

Facade: aluminum composite panels

Location: Freienfeld - South Tyrol

Architect: Arch. Creator Monika

Private house - renovation and extension

Roofing: Flat roof PVC-SUCOFLEX with gravel

Facade: PREFA sheet metal, P10 stucco anthracite

Location: Sterzing

Villa Elisabeth - Sterzing

Roofing: PREFA roof panel

Facade: TRESPA

Balconies: TRESPA

Flat roof: SUCOFLEX, extensively landscaped

Location: Sterzing

Architect: Studio A2- Barbolini Diego & Nitz Barbara

Client: Graus GmbH

Istituto Auxologico - Milano

Hospital Istituto Auxologico S.Luca in Milan

Roof: Titanium zinc ZINTEK

Facade: Titanium zinc ZINTEK

Location: Milano

Architect: ITI Studio Milano-Tobia Marcotti