Training to be a plumber

Plumber, an occupation with a future

Training to be a plumber

The job of a plumber is a profession with a future, because it is a solid craft profession, which is in demand worldwide. The home of the plumber is the roof and the facade. In the training you will learn how to deal with metals such as copper, zinc, steel and aluminum. Likewise, your creativity is in demand, because the job of the Spengler is also one of the crafts that is high in the course.

Your type

  • Enjoyment of creative activity
  • Desire for varied tasks
  • Enjoying the solution of technical questions
  • Interest in dealing with numbers
  • Fancying commitment in the team

Your way

  • Apprenticeship - 4 years vocational school and work in the company
  • Trade test
  • Possibility for professional Matura - 1 additional year
  • Training as foreman - 2 years
  • Training as a master
  • As a Master, it is possible to complete a degree course

Your success

Diversity in tasks and career opportunities


... from the workshop under the open sky

... from calculation to manual production

... from apprentice to master

... to the independent entrepreneur