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Often we capture videos of who we are and what we do. Whether on shelters, fun or strenuous construction sites, there is always something there.

Thin air

When working at over 3,000 meters, the air is thin, but the view is amazing. In October, under pressure, we had to make the winter room winter-proof. It is the room where climbers can find shelter in winter when the lodge is closed. Normally you have lost nothing up there in this season. The cabins are closed, the area is lonely and the day short. A brief high of the weather caused us to do this work before the onset of winter. The day was gigantic, otherwise you can not describe it.

Tribulaun Hütte - Part 1

We know what we did this summer, worked like the insane. The new construction of the dining room at the Tribulaunhütte at 2,650m in the Pflerschtal has brought us quite a sweat.

Tribulaun Hütte - Part 2

The new construction of the dining room at the Tribulaun hut at 2,650m in the Pflerschtal is a challenge in itself. The entire project is built by us turnkey. In this report you can see the construction of the wooden construction. All parts were prefabricated in the valley according to plan data of arch. Zanella Adriano. Only one day we transported and assembled everything by helicopter.

My life, my work, my Home

Working and living at 3,145m, where the air is thin, the view indescribable and friendship the elixir of life.

Team spirit

What makes a team? It's his members, or better still, his family members. The projects that we do and take care of are sometimes not that easy. Time pressure, difficult conditions, risk and unpleasant weather. These are the things that accompany us every day in our work. In order to be successful there is a team, a team. It needs good spirit and that's why we have to take care of it. It is the key to success.

Passion for mountains

It is already known that we live in the mountains and have been working for many decades. What this looks like and what we experience is told in our new film series.


Above all, working on the mountain needs one thing, a passion for the mountain itself and for work. When the weather is nice it is the most beautiful workplace you can imagine. In bad weather, nothing works. The work itself is exhausting, the air is thin and the temperatures are not what we know in the valley. Despite all this, it is our great passion and up there you can feel life.


In order for everything to work as it should, it needs to be planned well, the right people have to be on site, and you should be a little bit crazy. If these conditions are met, then it can succeed.


Here you see part 1 with the title "PASSION TO THE MOUNTAIN" of our two-part film series.

Abenteuer Dach - Der Plumber

Abenteuer Dach- the Spengler is the new image film of iib-international. He shows who or what the job of the plumber is and what he can do. Filmed in South Tyrol on the Hochfeilerhütte, on Lake Starnberg, in Würzburg and Suttgart.

Abenteuer Becherhaus auf 3.200m

The water intake on the bucket house must be rebuilt. It is September and we have little time. In the steep terrain at 3000m we have barely room, but we are organized. The weather? Rain, snow and sun accompanied us during our work. The landlord Erich has always taken care of us and constantly warned us of weather crashes. It was exhausting, exciting and just cool.

Visionary education in the network

Together you can achieve a goal!

Under this motto stood the cooperation of 2 Spengler companies, the company Trenkwalder from Sterzing in South Tyrol and the company Leib from Moorenweis in Bavaria. Both companies were honored by the trade magazine Baumetalle as exemplary training companies. The winner of this competition, the company Leib, was invited on a helicopter flight and on an unforgettable job at 2500m above sea level. For the apprentice Jakob it was an extraordinary experience with a priceless learning effect. This is how the tinsmith profession is especially fun! This great opportunity for trainees should not be an exception. A supported exchange program initiated by the IIB makes this possible. Through the international exchange between companies, knowledge is passed on and our job description is made more attractive to young people. From the tradition of our profession one knows this wandering still. Today it is up to us companies to continue this tradition with timely means to fascinate the future generations for our modern job description.

Leib & Trenkwalder, a strong team

Together you can achieve a goal!

Under this motto stood the cooperation of 2 Spengler companies, the company Trenkwalder from Sterzing in South Tyrol and the company Leib from Moorenweis in Bavaria.

After the unforgettable work assignment in South Tyrol, the two companies are working on the new façade of Leib. For the 100th anniversary of the company this should be completed.


Müllerhütte 3.145m

Die Arbeit in den Bergen ist hart. Die Höhe, die Anspannung und die Anforderungen machen es uns nicht immer einfach. Dennoch, unsere Jungs schaffen das. Immer und immer wieder stellen sie unter Beweis, dass sie etwas Besonderes sind.